Welcome tot the 2023 Art Expo Acqui!

A first try out to create a yearly event with artists in the Acqui Terme region during September / October.

Annelies Nuy (visual arts, from the Netherlands, 1960) is the initiator.
She started a research project on how her art can be able to connect, inspire and inform
her own generation, Generation X.
The exhibition is layered from a decorative art wall to innovative thoughts about the future.

In 6 Art Walls 3 old values of Christianity and an interaction with the monastery are

contrasted with 3 new values in the Metaverse, a virtual 3D environment.
The works representing the old values are sober, abstract and meditative.
Annelies chose 3 bible classics: GOLD ,MYRRH and INCENSE.
The new values are abstract and fragmentary, unfinished and with a void still to be filled.
Each art wall has its own future inspired story: MOTION SICKNESS, GASFEES and MINTEN.
in the Q&A layering concepts and underlying thoughts are further explained.