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JN061INCENSE Art wall 9 pieces Original 30X25.

JN061INCENSE Art wall 9 pieces Original 30X25.

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Welcome tot the 2023 Art Expo Acqui Terme
A first try out to create a yearly event with artists in the Acqui Terme region during September /October  read more ...

Art wall consisting of 9 works

The Incense collection stands next to Motion Sickness collection.

Incense brings an air of divinity, 
transporting one to sublime planes; take a dive and you will find
yourself in a realm of unexampled ideas
– though you may feel a tad dizzy if you try to resist them.
This sensation is akin to motion sickness,
the disorienting feeling arising while exploring a new virtual world;
one filled with captivating visuals that fragment into pockets
of familiarity.
(this text is created through artificial intelligence)

Art work in a Digital file.?


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