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JN080MINTEN Art wall 9 pieces original 30X25.

JN080MINTEN Art wall 9 pieces original 30X25.

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Welcome tot the 2023 Art Expo Acqui Terme
A first try out to create a yearly event with artists in the Acqui Terme region during September /October  read more ...
Art wall consisting of 9 works.
The Minten collection with Myrrh as the opposite

Minten is the process required to record an image in a blockchain.
The innocent colors in baby blue and pink suggest an airy open-mindedness.
Important data is captured and stored in barcode sequences in an indefinable landscape

The Myrrh collection with the Mint collection as its counterpart
Myrrh is one of the treasures taken by the three wise men from the East.
Myrrh stands for preservation, but also for death. Used in embalming a body meant to preserve it.
In this exhibition 'minting' is the opposite.
Minting is processing the computational power needed to create a blockchain.
This links the image back to its creator.
The collection consists of a number of elusive shapes in strong contrasts.
An exchange of forms, some of which tell a story (collage of text).
Others represent primary feelings. Like being trapped in dark solitude.

Art work in a Digital file.?


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