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JN090GASFEES Art wall 7 pieces original 30X25

JN090GASFEES Art wall 7 pieces original 30X25

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Welcome tot the 2023 Art Expo Acqui Terme
A first try out to create a yearly event with artists in the Acqui Terme region during September /October  read more ...


Art wall consisting of 7 works

The Gasfees collection with counterpart Gold

The process of making a blockchain, the minting, takes energy.
Energy that during the process is converted into a value.
As a collection it is opposed to Gold. 
Gold is also a process that changes and preserves a structure.
Ultramarine is a pigment and the most expensive raw material for paint.
In the image it represents the value of gasfees.
The black stripes represent the pollution.
A sperm cell is hidden somewhere in the image, as a symbol of decisiveness.
The Gold collection with counterpart Gasfees
Gold represents value. That is true in all cultures.
In biblical history, it is one of the three precious gifts for the newborn Jesus, the Savior.
But gold, like money, can also have a dark side.
Like because how it was acquired.
So in this series, not all that glitters is gold.
The same applies to how a blockchain is created.
It has undeniable value, but the process also involves pollution.


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