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JN100MOTIONSIKCNESS Art wall 9 pieces original 30X25

JN100MOTIONSIKCNESS Art wall 9 pieces original 30X25

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Welcome tot the 2023 Art Expo Acqui Terme
A first try out to create a yearly event with artists in the Acqui Terme region during September /October  read more ...
Artwall consisting 8 works
Motion sickness is compared to the experiences of frankincense.
It can get out of balance. Literally, because the balance organ becomes disoriented. It is the same as with car or sea sickness. The match is a movement that takes you to a new, unknown world. With all the sensations that entails. In this collection, the stripes that connect different images are particularly striking. That is as confusing as a jungle where only a compass offers a way out.
The Frankincense collection stands next to motion sickness
Incense is divine and takes you to higher spheres
Immerse yourself. You come up with new thoughts, but if you resist them, 
you can get dizzy. Motion sickness is a similar experience. Gaining access to the new virtual world can give you new thoughts, but it can also literally throw you off balance. A world of images still to be developed, sometimes fragmented beyond recognition. In this collection you will recognize flowers
from the flower power of the seventies.

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